Our sole purpose is to provide you all with good scrims so that you can flourish in your gameplays and strategies as we have realized our teams need more serious scrims to compete on next level. We won’t be streaming any games, just to avoid any debate and confusion as we already stated that our sole purpose is to provide good scrims, not self advertisement but there is no restriction, if an individual wants to stream his scrims gameplay from his POV. We have picked you guys because of your true dedication and legacy that you have successfully maintained throughout the evolution of Pubg mobile as well as commendable discipline and punctuality. I do personally believe that we are not wrong in thinking of you guys so highly So invited you guys. I humbly ask you guys to do your best from your part to maintain the gravity of this scrims league. All informations regarding time, date and prize and invited list will be announced soon to avoid all controversies. This scrims league is for you guys and let’s make it happen.

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